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Feature: Michel Sarazin

Michel Sarazin

NR5161  Lea et Maria cote gauche  100cm x 100cm: 39 x 39 inches

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More works by Michel Sarazin



D’ Herouville
De Torigri
Des Bar Normands
De Rouen
De Bercy
Des Artistes Français
de l’Isle Adam,
Sociétaire du Salon D’ Automne (Paris)
Le Salon Français des Arts (Chicago)

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Feature: Michel-Henry (1928 – 2016)

Michel-Henry (1928 – 2016)


Les Poppies de Jean-Marie| NR3894 | 100cm x 100cm: 39.5" x 39.5" |Michel-Henry | Oil on Canvas| Nolan-Rankin Galleries - Houston

Les Poppies de Jean-Marie| NR3894 | 100cm x 100cm: 39.5″ x 39.5″ |Michel-Henry | Oil on Canvas

More works by Michel-Henry


1952 Prize Farman
1954 Prize Kromberg
1955 Prize for the sketch of the ball “April in Paris” at the Waldorf Astoria in New York
1956 Prize Taylor – Prize of the Maison Descartes in Amsterdam
1957 Prize of the Casa Velasquez in Madrid
1960 Prize of the Palais Royal in Paris
1965 Grand Prize of the Young at the Salon National des Beaux-Arts
1967 Prize of Honor of the Regional Council of Haute-Marne – Prize Marthe Orant
1977 Prize of the Ile de la Réunion by the Ministry of Foreign Colonies
1979 Prize of the Franco-African Cooperation by the Ministry of Cooperation
1983 Grand Prize of the Lion’s Club of Gatinais
1985 Prize Henry Gzell at the Salon National des Beaux-Arts
1986 Medal de Vermeil of the City of Paris
1989 Grand Prize of the 10th Arrondissement, City Hall of Paris
1996 Grand Prize of Gemmail

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Feature | Calmes

Elisabeth Calmes

Reflets de Nuit NR3852 30 Figure: 36.25 inches x 28.75 inches Elisabeth Calmes Oil on Canvas |Nolan-Rankin Galleries - Houston

Reflets de Nuit NR3852 30 Figure: 36.25 x 28.75 inches


NY La Nuit NR3846 40 Figure: 39.375 inches x 31.875 inches Elisabeth Calmes Oil on Canvas | Nolan-Rankin Galleries - Houston

NY La Nuit NR3846 40 Figure: 39.25 x 31.75 inches

Feature: Claude Weisbuch

Claude Weisbush 1927 – 2014


Claude Weisbuch 1927 -2014

PC003 | Claude Weisbuch (1927 -2014) | Under the Eye of the Master | Lithograph 99/150 | 30″ x 22″ | framed: 38.5 x 30.5″ – condition good, slight markes LR frame


Claude Weisbuch 1927 - 2014

JHN40150 | Claude Weisbuch (1927 – 2014) | Homage a Daumier | 29″ x 21″ | Framed: 37.5″ x 25.5″

Claude Weisbuch was a French artist best known for his lively drawings and lithographs of horses, opera, dancers, and musicians. Using only a few earth tones as well as black and white, Weisbuch emphasized movement and form through line weight and tone. Born on February 8, 1927 in Thionville, France, he studied at the Beaux-arts de Nancy. He had his first solo exhibition in 1957 in France, and went on to show in the United States and Japan. As a theatre and classical music enthusiast, the artist had a flair for what is raw, ecstatic, and controlled. “I like the sketch, the uncompleted, the painting filled with mystery,” the artist has said. Weisbuch’s works are in the collections of the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, The Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Staaliche Graphische Sammlung in Munich, among others. He died on April 13, 2014 in Paris, France.