Oil on Canvas

Utilizing a forced perspective, you are the viewer, are invited into his bold and colorful world of interiors and gardens.


 Available Paintings

1947 Meuse, France

Studied at the Beaux Arts, Reims and the Beaux Arts, Paris. He started showing his work at the age of 17

French Artists’ Salon (Grand Palais in Paris)  Autumn Salon (Grand Palais in Paris)

Phillips-Flynt Galleries, Dallas  Phillips Galleries, Palm Beach  Nolan-Rankin Galleries, Houston  Michele Birnbaum Gallery, New York  Vogel Gallery, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Heilbronn, Karlsruhe, Hannover, Hamburg  Martine Dewez Gallery, Reims

1969 Prize of the Society for the Encouragement of Art and Industry  1970 Group Exhibition, House of Culture, Reims 1978 Personal Exhibition, Bank of Paris and the Netherlands, Reims  1978 Prize of the City of Laon, Aisne  1981 Personal Exhibition, Rue de Bourgogne, Paris  1983 Personal Exhibition, Clair-Maret Gallery, Reims  1984 Expace 51, Reims  1985 Salon de Bourges  1986 Ract-Madoux Gallery, Paris  1988 Personal Exhibition, Martine Dewez Gallery, Reims  1989 Phillips-Flynt (Nolan-Rankin Galleries), Houston  1990 Phillips Gallery at Maison Clémengis, Châlons, Champagne  1991 Personal Exhibition, Phillips-Flynt (Nolan-Rankin Galleries ), Houston  1991 Exhibition at Cannes  1991 Exhibition, Washington, DC  1991 Prize of the City of Fougères, Ile Vilaine 1992 Michèle Birnbaum Gallery, New York  1992 Personal Exhibition, Karazan Manor Museum, Finistère  1992 Mantes-la-Jolie  Salon 1992 Fougères Salon  1992 Vinetz Abbey, Châlons, Champagne  1993 Exhibition, Munich, Germany  1993 Personal Exhibition, Treasure Room á Reims  1993 Personal Exhibition, Karazan Manor Museum, Brittany  1994 Personal Exhibition, Grand Theater, Reims 1994 Personal Exhibition, Karazan Manor Museum, Brittany  1994 Personal Exhibition, Nolan-Rankin Galleries, Houston  1995 Personal Exhibition, De Castellane, Epernay  1995 Personal Exhibition, Museum Manoir de Karazan, Brittany 1995 Personal Exhibition, Old School Art Gallery, Sézanne  1996 LM Gallery, Epernay  1996 Martine Dewez Gallery, Reims  1996 East Station Gallery, Paris  1997 Personal Exhibition, Yves Degans Gallery, Reims  1999 Galerie Quai 36 , Honfleur  2000 Residence Tiers-Temps, Reims