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The landscape, when approached by this contemporary “impressionist”, is alive with the same light and atmosphere which has distinguished the “School of Paris” for nearly a century.
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December 11, 1956, Normandy

Daniel Pignot was born near Caen, the capital of Normandy. He continues to live in the region but now calls the beautiful 12th century port of Honfleur his home. The vast majority of his paintings are of this area . Painting on-the -spot it would only be natural to present his own environ first, but he has visited and produced wonderful canvases of Holland, Venice, Paris and the south of France. It is unique to find a contemporary impressionist with such a sense of atmosphere and light. As a plein air painter he is certainly set apart from his peers.


Ecole de Beaux- Arts, Caen 


1977 Group Exhibition, Cherbourg
1985 “La Lieutenance”, Honfleur
1990 Galerie “Alti Shop”, Grenoble
1985 Phillips Galleries, Palm Beach
1987 –
1991 Phillips-Flynt (Nolan-Rankin) Galleries, Houston
1993 Galerie de “l’Obelisque”, Honfleur
1994 Nolan-Rankin Galleries, Houston  


1986 Salon de St Lomain, Medal of Honor 
1992 “Council General de l’Urne, First Prize, Normandie