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Michel Sarazin

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Oil Pastel on Board

Michel Sarazin loves life. This is probably the pattern (in both senses of the term: representation and rationale) of his painting. Indoor scenes and / or outside, fabric patterns, places, still other places, suites of rooms, we guess a body, an angel passed, the blue of the morning … Yes, we think Matinaux, Rene Char. Joy of the morning. These square format like the windows of our childhood are so many holes through which light can be a passage to us: life bursts forth like a pirouette of a child with these signs are both simple and complex, both It is true that Michel Sarazin defies label that would put him once and for all in one box. Laurent Contamin, 2002. Playwright, a contributor to France Culture

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Michel Sarazin





Beaux-Arts at Caen


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Galerie Garance – St-Germain en Laye 


Amis de Arts de Saint Dizier annuelle, Haute Marne, 1978/2002
Artistes Peintres et Sculptures du Barrois Meuze, Ligny en Barrois, France 1999/2002
Amicale des Artistes Peintres de Bourgogne, Macon, France 2001
Galerie d’art Royale et Associes Quebec, 200/2001 


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De Torigri 
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De Rouen 
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Des Artistes Français 
de l’Isle Adam, 
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