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Oil on Canvas

Color, bold and pure, have marked his canvases for decades. His distinguished exhibitions from New York to Tokyo have earned him the distinction as master of the floral painting.

MICHEL-HENRY 1928 – 2016

Available Paintings


September 1928 Langres, France  – 2016, Paris

Diderot College, Lanagres and the Ecole nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris.Head of the studios of Roger Chapelain-Midy.

1960 Silver Medal of the City of Paris 1977 Gold Medal of the Société des Artistes Français 1978 Medal of the City of Chalon Bronze Medal of the City of Montargis 1979 Medal fo the City of Bollene Medal of the City of Amilly Medal of the City of Langres 1981 Gold Medal fo the Nationale Horticultural Society of France 1984 Medal of the National Police 1986 Vermeil Medal of the City of Paris 1991 Gold Medal of the Salon Violet

Museum of Modern Art – ParisMuseums of:des Baus de Provence Nancy and Alencon, FranceBogata, ColumbiaBeirut, LebanonSegovia, SpainLisbon, PortugalValencia, Spain

1981 Chevalier of the Legion of Honour1984 Chevalier of the Mérite Agricole 1980 Committee Member of the Salon d’Automne , Member of the Jury of the Prize Antral. Representative of the Salon d’Automne at the the Salon NIKA, Tokyo 1994 President of the 13th, Salon d’Angers 1996 Vice-President of the Meeting of the Arts of CALVI, Corsica 1998 President-Organizer of the 3rd Reunion of Contemporary Art at CALVI

1952 Prize Farman1954 Prize Kromberg1955 Prize for the sketch of the ball “April in Paris” at the Waldorf Astoria in New York 1956 Prize Taylor – Prize of the Maison Descartes in Amsterdam 1957 Prize of the Casa Velasquez in Madrid 1960 Prize of the Palais Royal in Paris 1965 Grand Prize of the Young at the Salon National des Beaux-Arts 1967 Prize of Honor of the Regional Council of Haute-Marne – Prize Marthe Orant 1977 Prize of the Ile de la Réunion by the Ministry of Foreign Colonies 1979 Prize of the Franco-African Cooperation by the Ministry of Cooperation 1983 Grand Prize of the Lion’s Club of Gatinais 1985 Prize Henry Gzell at the Salon National des Beaux- Arts 1986 Medal de Vermeil of the City of Paris 1989 Grand Prize of the 10th Arrondissement , City Hall of Paris 1996 Grand Prize of Gemmail

W.Findlay Galleries; New York, Chicago, Beverly Hills, Palm Beach.
Gallery Etiene Sassi; New York, Paris, KIWAI, Hong Kong
ADEKAT, Tokyo.
Hammer Gallery, New York U.S.A.
Au Temps qui, Passe, Genolier Switzerland

Nolan-Rankin Galleries, Houston, U.S.A.

1954 Exhibition for SHELL, Paris and Amsterdam -Palaccio de Archivos, Segovia, Spain – Palaccio Foz, Lisbon, Portugal 1955 French Institute in Barcelona, Spain 1956 French Institute in Amsterdam 1958 Gallery Romanet, Paris – Gallery Juana de Mordo, Madrid 1962 Gallery Romanet, Paris 1967 Wally Findlay Galleries, New York 1969 The Theater Gallery, Geneva 1972 Wally Findlay Galleries , New York 1974 Wally Findlay Galleries, Chicago 1975 Contemporary Arts Gallery, Monte Carlo 1976 Wally Findlay Galleries, Palm Beach 1977 Wally Findlay Galleries, Beverly Hills 1980 Hotel George V, Paris 1981 Wally Findlay Galleries, New York 1982 Gallery Kleberg, Geneva 1984 Park Place, Monté Carlo – Wally Findlay Galleries, Chicago – Tribute at the Salon D’Automne, Paris Other exhibitions: Lisbon, Segoria, Valencia, Varsovia, Teheran, Tokyo, Houston, Rouen, Nantes Saint Emilion, La Rochelle, Nice, Cannes, Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand 1996 Tours Museum – Retrospective (1956-1996) of 130 paintings at the College of the Jesuites of Chaumont – Gallery Titren, Beaune – Gallery Regards, Metz – Invitation of Honor of the Salon d’Angers – Museum of Art INBA, Ciudad-Suarez, Mexico – Center of Contemporary Art, Chihuahua, Mexico –University Exhibition, Juarez 1997 Chateau of Vixouze, Polminhac – Tours, “Espace Chateauneuf” – Salon des Arts Présents Bourget: Invitee of Honor – El Paso Visual Art Gallery – Hotel Prince of Tokyo and Kuruizawa – Gallery Misukoshi, Okinawa 1998 Chateau de Val – SOGO, Chiba, Japan – Seoul Gallery, Seoul, Korea – “Printemps-Ginza” Tokyo, Japan – L’Ecole Polytechnique of Palaiseau Ecole de Paris – 50 Years, University Museum, University of Southern Illinois 1998 Ecole de Paris – 50 Years, Nolan-Rankin Galleries 1998 – Galerie des Remparts, Bordeaux – Galerie de l’Estuaire, Le Havre – Galerie Alexandre-Leadouze, Cannes