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Feature | Paul Jean Anderbouhr 1909 – 2006


Bord de L'eau | Paul Jean Anderbouhr | Nolan-Rankin Galleries - Houston

NR4096 | Bord de L’eau | 20 Figure: 28.75 x 23.0625 inches


Les Nenuphars (water lilies) | Paul Jean Anderbouhr | Nolan-Rankin Galleries - Houston

NR4089 | EG-10 | Les Nenuphars (water lilies) | 20 Figure: 28.75 x 23.0625 inches


Bord de seine | Paul Jean Anderbouhr | Nolan-Rankin Galleries - Houston

C176 | Bord de seine | 20 Figure: 28.75 x 23.0625 inches


Paul Jean Anderbouhr established his work in the major salons of Paris at an early age.

He consistently contributed to the Salon d’Automne and Salon des Artistes Français beginning in 1939.
His paintings are built upon the subtle tone and moods of the “impressionists” but with a distinct variation. Expressionistic qualities have been combined to add a vitality of spirit
and motion through his use of quick brush strokes and splashes of color. The results are paintings of motion and mood but with a sense of stability.
He was recognized with numerous awards and in 1953 had his first one-man exhibition with the prestigious gallery Durand-Ruel, a relationship which produced eleven one-man shows with them until 1973.
In 1949 he began living and working in the French Congo and divided his residency between Africa and his native France.

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Feature | Conchita Conigliano


A monumental work by Conchita Conigliano over 6ft x 4ft for your consideration.

Paris - Cafe de la Paix | Conchita Coniglaino | Nolan-Rankin Galleries - Houston

NR-5409 | Paris – Cafe de la Paix | 120 Figure: 76.75 X 51.1875 inches

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Feature | Lithographs

Original lithographs by Théobald and Ambille are available at Nolan-Rankin Galleries

as well as original works on canvas.

Call us today at 713.528.0664 for an appointment to view these outstanding works of art.

Here is a sample of the lithographs we have available from these artists as well as others.


Original Lithograph by Renee Theobald

Original Lithograph by Renee Theobald

Original Lithograph by Renee Theobald



Original Lithograph by Paul Ambille

Original lithograph, signed and numbered byPaul Ambille

Original Lithograph by Paul Ambille

Original Lithograph by Paul Ambille



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A Message from the Director

There is a new (old) face at Nolan-Rankin Galleries.

For those who don’t know me, I am Garey Carter-Coffman. I worked with Joe and Bob from 1993 – 2000 assisting them in the galleries when the gallery was on Westheimer and then at Chelsea Market. Since that time I have continued to work behind the scene as webmaster and keeping everyone informed via emails, FB and Twitter. (We recently added Instagram and Pinterest to the mix).

Many of you may know that Joe is stepping away from the day to day activities of the Galleries for a much needed and deserved respite with new adventures on the horizon. As such, I will be taking over as manager of the Galleries and the day to day activities of Nolan-Rankin Galleries. I look forward to working with NEW and established clients as the face of Nolan-Rankin Galleries.

We will be adding some exciting new additions to our website: in the near future and remember to follow us on Twitter @NRGalleries and Like us on Facebook: nolanrankin.galleries

Looking forward and remember: You Gotta Have Art!
Call Me at 713-528-0664

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor
Garey Carter-Coffman 
Nolan-Rankin Galleries
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Feature: Henri-Dominique


La grande rue |NR4083 |15 Paysage: 25.5625 in. x 19.6875 in. |Henri-Dominique |Oil on Canvas | Nolan-Rankin Galleries - Houston

La grande rue | NR4083 |15 Paysage: 25.5625 in. x 19.6875 in.


Henri-Domnique | Nolan-Rankin Galleries - Houston

Access au Plage | NR5407 | 20 Marine: 28.75x 19.75 inches


Le Carrousel de Sacre-Coeur | Henri-Domnique | Nolan-Rankin Galleries - Houston

Le Carrousel de Sacre-Coeur | NR5400 | 10 Figure: 21.5 x 18.25 inches

More works by Henri-Dominique

By François Matthey

When Henri-Dominique Lacas was a small child, he discovered the world of painting and drawing. He had imagination and inspiration; he knew at an early age; that painting was his calling. Art school was not for him; he is a self-taught artist, who at the age of fourteen had already participated in the Millavois art group, thanks to the help and encouragement of Jacqueline Ramond, an art furnishing merchant.

In the late 1980s, his friendship with Jean Tessier became an important part of his evolution; just like a sponge, he absorbs the influence of his predecessors.

He defines himself as coming from no school, but the school of life, instinct and of the moment. This impressionist lover names Toulouse Lautrec has his role model.

Inspiration comes from everywhere, a country cabin, a vase on a window sill, a port, fields of poppies and of course the nudes, the faces of children, women and elderly. He paints their souls. Nothing is off limits; he works with brushes, knives, and uses water, oil, pastels just to name a few of his media.

Each and every time, he escapes in front of a white canvas; it is a research and the opening of a new world full of the colours he loves so much. Nothing will stop him.

He wants to give you a feeling, an emotion not only in copying what surrounds him but in letting his imagination show you what his heart sees. This is when he paints at his best.