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Oil on Canvas

Colours are of primordial importance in Pivet’s work. The different chromatic tones he has retained from the Fauvist period contribute to the construction of image frames that fragment the canvass surface. Here, light assumes its full dimension and almost becomes the very breath of the work. In painting after painting we find these luminous gaps where light springs forth to caress forms and endow them with an active presence. In his recent works, light emanates directly from the forms rather than the other way around, giving the paintings an interior quality, a density of expression that go far beyond the subject matter that is evoked. Through his painting, Pivet offers us both the right and wrong sides of a reality that has yet to be grasped. Jules Arbec (from Guide Parcours, Canadian art magazine)
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Pierre Pivet

November 26, 1948
Normandy, France

Graduated from the Académie de PORT-ROYAL, Paris. Emigrated to Quebec 1983; Canadian and French citizenship

Grand Prix of the Académie de Port-Royal, 1979Grand Prix Chardin, 1976Prix Drouant, Paris, 1977Silver medal of the Bilan de l’Art contemporain, Quebec, 1981Selected for the Prix de Monte-Carlo, 1982

Salon d’Automne, ParisSalon National des Beaux-Arts, ParisBilan Art contemporainSalon de CaenSelected in 1984 Exhibition “Montréal vue par les peintres de 1860 à 1984″, Montreal City HallGuest of honour in 1984 First Fall Salon in Frelighsburg, County of Missisquoi (Quebec), with the collaboration of Guy Gilbert, president of the bar of Quebec“Nous sommes ce monde, il est notre reflet…”,Montreal, with the participation of TV5 TelevisionGuest of honour in 1997Exhibition organized by the Embassy of France in Panama with the personnal Guest of honour in 1987At the Falcon Club Polo, in Cheltenham (United Kingdom), for a month-long exhibition on poloThematic exhibition in 1993 collaboration of the Ambassador, Alain Pallu de Beaupuy

Salon d’Automne, Paris, 1975 to 1983 and 1990, 1991Salon FIAP, Paris, 1976 and 1978Salon National des Beaux-Arts, Paris, 1975 to 1977Salon d’Issy-les-Moulineaux, 1979 to 1982Salon National des Galeries d’Art, Montreal, 1984 to 1986 and 1994Art Expo, New York, 1997 to 2000Art Americas, Miami, 1997

1973 USA San Francisco, Alliance Français1975 France Caen, Galerie de la Girafe1976 France Paris, Galerie Chardin1978 France Paris, Galerie de la Mandragore1979 Switzerland Geneva, Galerie du Théâtre1980 France Limoges, Galerie Municipale1981 France Paris, Galerie ZL1982 Switzerland Geneva, Galerie du Théâtre1983 France Fougères, Galerie Beffroi1984 Canada Montreal, Galerie de l’Isle1985 Switzerland Geneva, Galerie du Théâtre1985 Canada Montreal, Galerie de l’Isle1986 Switzerland Geneva, Galerie du Théâtre1986 Canada Montreal, Galerie de l’Isle1988 Canada Toronto, Hollander York Gallery1989 Canada Montreal, Galerie de l’Isle1990 Canada Toronto, Hollander York Gallery1991 Luxemburg Art Modern Gallery1991 Canada Montreal, Galerie de l’Isle1992 Canada Toronto, Hollander York Gallery1993 Canada Montreal, Galerie de l’Isle1994 Canada Toronto, Hollander York Gallery1994 USA Fort Lauderdale, Noblesse Oblige Gallery1994 Canada Calgary, Wallace Art Gallery1995 Canada Montreal, Galerie de l’Isle1995 Canada Edmonton, West End Gallery1995 USA Lansing, Dusty’s English Inn1996 Canada Quebec, Galerie de l’Héritage Contemporain1996 Canada Montreal, Galerie de l’Isle1996 Panama Panama City, Habitante Art Gallery1997 Canada Montreal, Galerie de l’Isle1998 Canada Quebec, Galerie L’Héritage Contemporain1999 Canada Montreal, Galerie de l’Isle2000 France Marseille, Galerie Asakusa2000 Canada Montreal, Galerie de l’Isle2002 France Clermont-Ferrand, Galerie Salvany2003 Canada Toronto, Harbour Gallery2004 Canada Montreal, Galerie de l’Isle2004 France Clermont-Ferrand, Gallerie Salvany2005 USA Houston, Nolan-Rankin Galleries2006 Canada Toronto, Harbour Gallerie2007 USA Houston, Nolan-Rankin Galleries2009 Canada Toronto, Hollander York Gallery2009 Canada Toronto, Harbour Gallery2010 USA Houston, Nolan-Rankin Gallery2010 Canada Montreal, Galerie MX

1978 France Paris, Galerie Chardin1981 Canada Québec City, Bilan Art Contemporain1986 USA Fort Lauderdale, Galerie Daniel1987 Canada Galerie de l’Isle, Exhibition “Les Artistes et la Musique”1987 USA Palm Springs, Galerie Palm Springs1996 USA Key West, Caribbean Gallery1999 France Marseille, Galerie Asakusa2002 France Paris, Galerie Art Comparaison2001 France Marseille, Galerie Asakusa2006 France Paris, Galerie Art Comparaison
2008 Belgium Bruxelles, Galerie Louise Londre

Montreal, Galerie de I’sle
Toronto, Harbour Gallérie
Paris, Galerie Art Comparaison
Clermont Ferrand, Galeries Salvany
Nolan-Rankin Galleries

Montreal : Westcliff Group of Companies, Steinberg, Pratt & Whitney, Lise Watier, SNC-Lavalin, Guy & Gilbert, Gaz Métropolitain, Samson Bélair/Deloitte & Touche, Abitibi-Price, Étude Degranpré, Société Gamma Inc., Peter Morentzos (Queue de Cheval steakhouse, 40 Westt Steakhouse & Rawbar).

Complete interior and exterior decoration of Tsirco Restaurant.

Numerous private collectors : Belgium, Canada, France, Japan, Panama, Switzerland, USA, etc.