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Antonio LORO

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Oil on Canvas

From his Venetian roots one feels the depth of emotion in each of pieces. Based on classical training, he departs with controlled expressionism to broaden the impact and connection to the observer. The layering of tone upon tone of color enhances each piece with a patina that draws one ever closer.


Available Paintings



Veneto, Italy, 1934

Pincotieca of Brera, Milan, Italy, Fine Art Training.
Argentine Atilier of Fine Arts of Besares Soraires. Earned professor degree in drawing and painting.
National School of Artistic and Industrial Ceramics, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Center for Advance Studies in Art, University of Buenos Aires Bs-As, Argentina.
Occidental University, St-Louis Missouri. Ph. D. degree in Humanities.
Academy of Professional Art Conservation & Science. Ukiah, California.


Pima College, Tucson, Arizona. Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona.

Yavapai College, Prescott, Arizona.
Professor at Large of Greenwich University in Art and Art Education.
Yuma Art Center, Yuma, Arizona.
University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
American Coast Guard Station, Ramey Air Force Base, Puerto Rico.
Latin American Institute of International Relations Asuncion, Paraguay.
Paragyayan-American Cultural Center, Asuncion, Paraguay. 


Founder and Director of Aguadilla Art Center, Aguadilla Puerto Rico.
Founder and Director of Museum of Art of Aguadilla and the Caribbean, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.
School of Fine Arts of Aguadilla and the Caribbean-Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. 


Official portrait of the President of Italy, Mr. Giovanni Gronchi, 1961.
Commissioned by Dr. Ettore Rossi, founder of Corriere in Bs-Ar Ria Argentina.
Portrait of Don Carlos Romero Barcelo, Governor of Puerto Rico, 1981.
Portrait of Don Luis Ferre Senator and former Governor of Puerto Rico.
Mural – 1965, Hall of the Ford Motor Co. Industrial Center of Gen. Pacheco, Argentina.
Mural – 1974, mural in the Administration Bldg of the University of Puerto Rico Regional Colleges,
commissioned by Dr. Herman Sulsona.
Mural – 1974, mural in the Library of the Arecibo Regional College of the University of Puerto Rico.
Mural – 1979, mural at the Borinquen International Airport at Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.
Mural – 1980, mural on the outer wall of the “Coliseo de Aquadilla”
commissioned by the Municipal Government of Aquadilla 9 largest mural in the Caribbean, ( 100′ x 30′ ).
Mural – 1982, Hall of BMW, Interstate 45, Houston, Texas. 


Metropolitan Museum of Art – Staff Exhibit-N.Y., New York.
IV Biennale of Latin American Engraving- San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Plastica Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina traveled to: Argentina, Brasil,
Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Central America and Europe. 


Art Museum of Ponce, Ponce Puerto Rico.
J. F. Kennedy Gallery, Asuncio, Paraguay. 
Mattheus Galleries , University of Arizona, Tempe, Arizona.
University of Puerto Rico, Arecibo, Puerto Rico.
Theater Colon, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Paraguayan Cultural Center of the U.S. Embassy, Asuncion, Paraguay.
Yaawapai College Gallery, Tucson, Arizona.
International Institute of Latin American Studies, Asuncion, Paraguay. 


Silver Medal, XLVII National Salon of Arts, Bs-As, Argentina.
Gold Medal, XXLVII National Salon of Arts, Bs-As, Argentina.
Grand Prize of Honor, 1st Biennale of Graphics, Bs-As, Argentina. 
International Grand municipal Prize, Caserta, Italy.
First Prize sculpture project, sponsored by the province of Moron
and the Government of the province of Bs-As, Argentina. 


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