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Refresh and Recoup

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May 25, 2017 NRG Events (0)

We are still under construction at our new warehouse space and it will be at least another month before we are truly ready.

So, during this time we are taking time to refresh and recoup.

In the meantime, please feel free to

contact Nolan-Rankin at 713.528.0664 or

by email: NR@Nolan-RankinGalleries.com

(there may be a short delay in our response!)

Remember you can always visit us

online at


We will begin taking your appointments shortly after the July 4th Holiday at the new warehouse space where we will present our inventory of paintings in an intimate salon setting.

If you are not a subscriber to our emails, please take the time to sign up in order to be notified of future events we have planned for our painters and additional services we will be providing to our clients in the near future.


Looking forward to hearing from you,

NR5461 Bassin aux Tuilleries 30 Figure: 36.25 x 28.75 inches William Michaut | Nolan-Rankin Galleries - Houston

NR5461 Bassin aux Tuilleries 30 Figure: 36.25 x 28.75 inches by William Michaut

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