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Nolan-Rankin Galleries Celebrates 34 Years in Houston

34 Years | Nolan-Rankin Galleries 34th Anniversary 1983 - 2017



Artists of Nolan-Rankin Galleries | 3637 W Alabama #140 | Houston TX 77027

Invites you to come and


… Say good-bye to our present space

and Hello to our next adventure.

Thursday, March, 30th 2017

Six to 8:30 o’clock

for Drinks & Hors d’Oeuvres

3637 West Alabama, Suite 140 • Houston, TX 770027 • 713-528-0664  


Dear Friends and Clients,


I can’t believe it has been 34 years since our opening in Houston, but here we are ready to give a toast of good-bye to our present gallery. I am excited about our new venture as we will have a virtual gallery and a small space for “by appointment” visits.

I look forward to the experience of a warehouse space and the opportunity it presents to other painters and artisans.

We will leave our space April 29th and hopefully be up and running the first of July. Please visit our website at www.Nolan-Rankin and subscribe to receive our emails and announcements. I expect to do exhibitions at other loacation so this link will be a great help in extending our invitations.

Thank you for these wonderful years and I look forward to many more. I hope you will share my excitement.


Joseph Nolan, Founder and Director, Nolan-Rankin Galleries - Houston

 Our new postal address is:
Nolan-Rankin Galleries
c/o ACTS | 7207 Wynnwood Ln. | Houston, TX 77008